Saturday, July 26, 2008

Be Nice to Me or I'll Blog About You and the Curse of Hairy Man Boobs

I haven't written a post for awhile - mostly because I was busy with BlogHer'08. I'll do a blog about that in a bit - I just am still intimidated by the amazing women I met and the depth and wittiness of their blogs.

BlogHer'08 came with lots of swag (or schwag - not sure which one is right). I love the t-shirt from CafePress. The slogan - Be Nice to Me or I'll Blog about You. It seems to sum up the relationship between my husband and me right now. He's a little concerned that our late night chats - the only time we really get to talk with two kids - are just fodder for the blog. That without the chats, I'd have nothing to write about. As if motherhood didn't get you enough fodder for a blog.

Our last conservation was ended with the admonition "you better not blog about this." What was our scincillitating conservation about? How men just don't have all the bad things happen to their bodies that women do as they age. I suppose some men worry about losing their hair as they age - but even that is sexy in some circles. Pot bellies? Perhaps not the most attractive thing, but certainly not a cause of worry for most men. My husband just laughs off the hair growing in his ears or the fact that he farts and pees and the same time - just like the stereotype of an old man.

Women, however, face saggy boobs, flabby tummies (esp. post childbirth), grey hairs, etc. Our culture seems to write women off after 40, even when they look as good as Goldie Hawn, Demi Moore, or Kelly Preston. And the joys of carrying a baby and delivering vaginally? Leaves you with hemorrhoids, stretch marks and the glorious experience of peeing when you laugh or sneeze.

Except I found one thing that men do not want. Hairy man boobs. And just to clarify - I don't mean a man with a hairy chest - I mean an overweight man that has "boobs" that are hairy. Soft, pasty, doughy MAN BOOBS. My husband told me I COULD NOT blog about hairy man boobs because then everybody would think that he has hairy man boobs. And, that seems to be the one thing men do not want, as confirmed Mike Adamick in Strollerderby where Hairy Man Boobs do not seem to be the new black. So, since he isn't being nice to me . . . .okay, so he doesn't have hairy man boobs. Really.

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