Thursday, June 5, 2008

How do I get personal time? Bribery. Husband (sex) and Kids (Wii)

Tonight I attended a fabulous mommy networking event. The setting was lovely, the women were great, the food was delicious, etc. The topic was about finding balance in your life as a mom. And there was a really good discussion about finding balance and how we all juggle all of the demands. And, basically, it came down to the fact that none of us do it very well, and most of us feel guilty about short changing something at one point or the other.

But at one point we strayed into the topic of asking your partner to help out more so that you can have some personal time and how to do that. And all of these women spoke up and gave thoughtful, intelligent, adult answers. About communicating. About trading time. About compromising and working together.

Not me. I'm much more basic. I use bribery. My womanly wiles. My husband is easy - I just bribe him with sex. Our children still take naps. At least most of the time. So, on the weekends, when they are napping, I lure my husband into the bedroom. It doesn't take much - just a "Hey, want to have sex?" That's it, then he usually naps too. Which gives me some quiet time to do some chores or whatever. But the trick is, after everybody wakes up, I can then use the fact that we had sex and he got a nap to get my free time, whether it is a walk by myself or a shopping trip or whatever. It works like a charm.

And I really didn't want to admit that I bribe my kids too. 15 minutes to free time to myself? Just put on a My Little Pony DVD for my daughter on the portable DVD and let my son play the Wii and I'm set for 15 minutes.

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Shannon said...

Mental note to self - purchase Wii and some more condoms :-) Sounds good to me!