Sunday, June 15, 2008

I love Wii Fit!

My husband got a Wii for Father's Day. Actually, although it was for Father's Day, he got it two weeks ago or so because my darling, curious son (ha!) found it in the back of the minivan, and had to show his dad. So, my husband got his present early. I tracked down the Wii Fit after pestering several Game Stops daily until I managed to call right when a delivery had arrived.

And I LOVE it. I don't love that the stupid 'bot told me I'm fat. Hey, I already knew that - that is why I bought the stupid game. And why exactly did the stupid 'bot have to make my Mii fat? (Okay, and if you really don't want anybody to know your weight or BMI, you can lock your weight and other statistics with a PIN - which I did.) But I really like the yoga, the hula hoop, the step and a bunch of other stuff. I've worked out more in the last several days than I have in years (unless giving birth counts . . . it should, don't you think?) So if you were on the fence about buying it, I encourage you to get it.

And did you know you could make the eyebrows into horns by twisting them around?


IzzyBeth said...

I love the Wii Fit too!! :-) But I am also not too crazy about the Fat Mii - or the fact that when you step on the board it says "Oh!" I want to smack it during those times. LOL

Shannon said...

Hey, I have a fat Mii,too. But I LOVE the game as well. And by the way mine is the only fat one on our game. I have also worked out every day since we got it 8 days ago. Which for me is a record. There have even been days I have "worked out" long than the 30 minutes. Yeah me.