Monday, June 2, 2008

My daughter thinks I'm a princess too

My daughter loves pink, purple, princesses and ponies. In that order. But she insists that she is a princess, not a girl - which I have to say is better than insisting she is a pony, like she used to do. She has even convinced her friends and the teachers at daycare to call her "Cinderella." But, let's be quite clear, not Cinderella when she was cleaning, but Cinderella in her fancy dress.

Today my daughter brought her pink robed Giselle doll to school. Her teacher asked about her doll. My daughter looked sternly at her teacher, as only a 3 year old can do, and said, quite clearly, "It isn't a doll. It is a princess."

And the teacher replied, "Well, it is a pretty princess in a pink dress."

To which my darling daughter responded, "My mommy is a pretty princess too - she's just not wearing her dress."

Sometimes, you just gotta love them!

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