Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am a bitter woman, hear me roar

I am a bitter woman. My husband left early this afternoon for Las Vegas. For 6 days. No, he is not going just for fun - it is for work. But I am still bitter. I am left alone for 6 days with 2 kids, a cat and a guinea pig. And work at home and work at work. You know, before having children, I didn't think much about the difficulties faced by single parents. After having children, I am truly amazed. I don't know how single parents manage. And stay sane.

But more about my bitterness. Tomorrow is my son's end of the season t-ball party. It is a pool party. I'm responsible for a dessert and beer. Which is also making me bitter because I'm trying to show up the other moms by making homemade baseball-themed chocolate lollipops and it is taking longer than I wanted. I'm not supposed to admit that making the lollipops is an exercise in proving I'm a good mommy, am I? Yes, my name is Jennifer and I'm trying to prove I am a supermom (although I know that I fail miserably most of the time).

I am also responsible for keeping my children safe - but I absolutely dread putting on a swimsuit. I didn't even own one until yesterday. I have yet to lose the "baby weight." Can it still be called baby weight when your youngest child is 3? How long can you call it baby weight - does it still work when they are in college?

So, how am I going to manage a pool party with 2 children who are going to want to go in the pool without putting on a swimsuit? Can I bring the Wii we bought for my husband for Father's Day (that my son gave him weeks early because he wanted to play)? I suppose that would show that (1) I am a bad mommy and not only do I let him play, but I am encourage him to play instead of going in the pool just so I don't have to face my fear and put on a swimsuit; and (2) that I'm a bad guest. So much for faking the supermom crap.

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